Training for hypnotherapy where you learn hypnosis in small classes, to give you big personal and professional growth.


Training which builds your confidence

My training is a fast track way to get the confidence you need to be an amazing therapist, giving you:

The secrets of the client processes that I use in my business.

Key strategies for identifying the best ways to help your clients.

The best Hypnotic techniques that really make a difference to people's lives.

The knowledge to ease your client into the optimum state to give them the changes they seek. 

Lots of practice of tried and tested techniques. 

Knowledge, skills and confidence.

You will practice techniques a lot of the course so you leave completely confident on how to help your clients, friends and family.   

Fully qualified  

You will leave this course confident and competent in Hypnotherapy and be able to start seeing clients straight away.

With the pre and post course support, you will have a great support network before you even get started

After care and support 

You will have direct access and support from Honey Lansdowne for 6 weeks after your training. She will help you start and grow your business and start using your new skills to help people right away.

Quality online training material

You will get access to pre recorded videos in a sophisticated online training portal. 

You can watch the content over and over again in the comfort of your own home.

Payment packages to suit your needs

Hypnotherapist certification

It's not so much the certification that matters, it's your knowledge of the subject and ability to use hypnosis to create changes that your clients are looking for. 

With this certification you get a certificate that is from one of the leading hypnosis schools in the world and approved by some of the leading hypnotherapy organisations. 

But the key things you will get from this course, won't come from the certificate. They will come from the way you are taught, the confidence and insight that come from you and the ongoing support as you help others.  

Payment plans that suit you 

Although anyone can train to be a hypnotherapist, quite often it's people looking for a career change or therapists wanting to add a new service or make more money. 

Your training is an investment and so to help you pay for it in an affordable way that work for you, there are a range of payment plans. 

This makes the training affordable even if you are brand new to therapy and you can easily recover the cost of the training with your first few clients. 

Your own self discovery and personal development 

One of the best things about hypnosis is the personal development you get yourself. Hypnosis opens your own mind to exciting new possibilities and positive thinking patterns. 

Quite often people who have had positive changes in their own lives with hypnosis, then train to be hypnotherapists. 

I guarantee that you can't help but have some healing, personal growth and a new calmer way of being once you take this training. 

And you will gain a confidence that you may not have felt before because that is a huge focus of my training style. 

a skill and business that helps the world

Ask any hypnotherapist and they will tell you stories and case studies of the significant change and often profound impact their work has had on people's lives. 

Imagine helping someone overcome severe anxiety or gain a more positive outlook on life afters years (sometime decades) of depression. Or helping people to lose weight when they think they have tried every diet going and just can't see a way of making the change. 

Or you can literally save someone's life by helping them to stop smoking with hypnosis. For good!

The changes you will make to peoples' lives is wonderful for them and fulfilling for you. 

why you should choose this hypnosis training course

I’ve been there

I've done three hypnotherapy certifications and none of them gave me everything I needed to help people in the way I wanted to help them,  until I came across the techniques that I am teaching today. 

I developed my hypnotherapy skills over nearly a decade and I love teaching people how to do great hypnosis, to help others make the transformations they seek. 

You can learn the best modern hypnosis techniques straight away without the vague instructions, the lack of practice and without leaving the course feeling unsure of whether you can actually hypnotise people or not. 

You will learn techniques that change lives

It is not an exaggeration to say that hypnosis changes people's lives. A smoking no longer smokes, someone loses the depression they've carried for years or someone can face life without anxiety. These are major things and as a hypnotherapist you will be a facilitator of change in people's lives. It's a rewarding and satisfying career.


What they say

Elaine Mitchell Empowerment Coach

Elaine Mitchell 

Empowerment coach

I loved the training and it enhanced the service I can offer my clients

Ellie Talebian Hypnotherapist Trained At The Hypnotherapy Academy

Ellie Taliebian


This hypnotherapy training has impacted me personally and professionally. I feel confident in the skills I have learnt. 

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Contact Information

Training takes place at: Ardington Hotel
Steyne Gardens
West Sussex
BN11 3DZ


Phone: 07530890089

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