About The Hypnotherapy Academy

The Hypnotherapy Academy is owned by Honey Lansdowne who is an experienced hypnotherapist and self discovery coach. She has worked in the field of personal development for over twenty years.

The style and ethos of the hypnotherapy academy were born out of a frustration to get good quality hypnosis training that can be used straight away, all in one place.

The training delivered at The Hypnotherapy Academy is complete in its delivery. What this means is:

  • you know what you are going to learn
  • you practice what you learn
  • you understand what you have learnt
  • most importantly, you are able use what you have learnt

My Mission

You receive all the information and materials and secret insider tips that you need to conduct high quality hypnotherapy that works and changes lives.

Compulsive question askers are welcome on all trainings. When you ask questions you are fully engaged, thirsty for knowledge and enthusiastic. The perfect combo for a brilliant therapist.

Payment plans are offered so even if you are starting from scratch or business could be better, you can get the quality training you’ve always been looking for! 

The Academy  values

Friendly - Relaxed - Complete = Success

The style offered in training is friendly, relaxed and complete. We learn so much more when we feel comfortable and able to ask questions without judgement.

At The Hypnotherapy Academy I believe that your success, is my success. We’re in it together and I will support you in every way possible to have a thriving therapy practice.

About Honey

I’ve been in the field of personal development for over 20 years. Firstly, coaching sales people to feel more confident and become top performers. Then I was involved in the interviewing and training of managers.  I learnt a lot about emotional intelligence, mindset and coaching during this time.

I then mentored teenagers to enter the workplace. What was interesting is many of them were very capable, but did not feel 'good enough'. With a self esteem and confidence boost, they were able to welcome great jobs.

I’ve studied many things including hypnosis, NLP, psychology, energy work and more formal coaching methods. I know that any change that someone wants to make in themselves, or in their life, comes from a place within them. The ultimate tool for unlocking that change is self discovery.

Like any other good coach or therapist I care deeply, but my main philosophy is helping others to to heal anything that hurts or holds them back, grow into their future self and feel better ‘being’ them.

I have a satisfying life and work with clients around the world online 121 and with courses products that create the emotional freedom people need.

I always have and always will, also provide plenty of free materials and support because the more people that do personal development, the better the world we all live in.

Read more about Honey here.

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