Become a confident hypnotherapist

You want to help people, help them change their lives so they can release their old, unhappy way of living and find a happier way.

There's no better way then becoming a hypnotherapist.

Change lives

Help people

Create a Business You Love


Now, more than anytime ever before, people want to kick habits and realise their potential.

You can help them when you become a hypnotherapist.

Whether it's helping them become healthier, more confident, or release stress and trauma, hypnotherapy changes lives for the better.

Why Become a Hypnotherapist?

Change lives / change your own life / change your career 

for the better

93% Success Rate

Research found hypnotherapy had a massive 93% success rate after only 6 sessions compared to only a 72% success rate with behavioural therapy (after 22 sessions on average), and only 38% success rate with psychotherapy (after an average of 600 sessions).

15 & 30 Times More Effective

When it comes to smoking, hypnotherapy is 15x more effective than other treatments including nicotine patches. Hypnotherapy is 30x more effective than other methods of weight loss. 

Wouldn't you like to use a method that actually works for the client?

REduces pain and promotes healing

Hypnotherapy reduces pain in chronic illness sufferers, cancer patients and other illnesses. It can even promote faster healing when it comes to broken bones. 

Less "work" for the client

The hypnotic state allows their client's subconscious mind to do the work. The client is better able to respond to their "treatment" in a hypnotic state, and carries this over into their conscious state. 

Rewarding for you

Not just financially rewarding, but emotionally rewarding. When you change someone's life for the better you feel so good about yourself and your hypnotherapy business. Oh, and you'll really love self-hypnosis!

Reduces Insomnia

When you have hypnotherapy, your mind finds it easier to access deep sleep states. Over times your clients feel less stressed, anxious and better in their general health thanks to better deep sleep!

Is Hypnotherapy Certification for You?

Hypnotherapy with Honey

Do you want to start or grow a business that changes lives?

If the answer is yes, then hypnotherapy certification is certainly worth exploring. If you are thinking about becoming a hypnotherapist or have a hypnotherapy practice you wish to refresh and modernise, this is a great starting place

Hypnotherapy is a rewarding additional skill

Do you want to add hypnotherapy skills to your existing skillset?

You might be a coach or a therapist who wants to enhance their skillset and make a long-lasting impact on your clients lives, so Hypnotherapy is a great choice.

Train to Be a Hypnotherapist with Honey Lansdowne

Did you know that many people take hypnosis training, and yet don't feel able to see clients straight away?

This is because dealing with a real life client is very different to learning the theory!

Most new hypnotherapists lack confidence and feel they need more training before they're ready to start start seeing clients. They often go seeking further training to get more hands on experience so they are ready to deal with real clients. This costs money and delays starting a successful business.

My hypnotherapy training is a fast track way to get the confidence you need to be an amazing hypnotherapist!

Honey Lansdowne

Honey is an experienced hypnotherapist in a variety of techniques. She was trained by Richard Bandler to learn NLP, and other leading experts in the hypnotherapy world. With over 20 years experience, and thousands of happy clients you know you're in the right place to learn hypnotherapy.

How This Hypnotherapy Training Works

  • You can learn from a 'know nothing' state. If you are brand new to Hypnosis, or even therapy, this course will leave you with no doubt that you can help people. Many Hypnotherapy training courses teach script based Hypnosis which means they get nervous when the situation doesn't fit the script and they lack confidence to go 'freestyle'. The style of this training is conversational, meaning its personalised to each client to help them achieve the changes they seek.
  • Personal development and self discovery. Learning this style of Hypnosis will improve you as a person, making you more confident in every way. Which is great for your life and for your therapy business! Imagine the job satisfaction you will have when you do work that is meaningful and helps others.
  • Real insight and top tips from an experienced hypnotherapist. Once you are working with clients, you will find that your greatest learning comes from them. I will not hold back on sharing top tips that I have learnt over the years which will help your clients get great results.
  • Practice, practice, practice. I've done 5 hypnotherapy diplomas, so you don't have to! What I noticed about all of them was that there was too much talking about hypnosis and not enough doing hypnosis. Nothing will teach you as much as practising. Obviously, you need to be shown what to do and understand why you are doing it (the online portal is great for that too). But nothing will give you the skills you need like practising hypnosis, being observed and coached and discussing afterwards. This is why I train no more than 10 people at a time so I can give you a really high value coaching experience. 
  • Learn modern hypnosis techniques that work. You will be learning the techniques I was taught personally by Martin Castor Peterson from The Hypno Academy. These techniques have been built on 20 years of top level Hypnotic and NLP mastery. Once you have learnt them you will be a confident Hypnotherapist able to help people with: 
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Weight Loss 
    • Stop Smoking
    • Trauma release
    • Confidence                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The techniques you will learn will give you confidence to deal with issues that clients seek help with. You will be a versatile and confident therapist with solid techniques which bring change to your clients' lives. 
  • Online course, in person training and after course complete support. The most complete and value packed hypnotherapy training available.
  • Learn Modern Hypnosis in 5 Days from 17th to 21st October 2022 in Worthing, West Sussex, UK, with Honey Lansdowne. And also receive 6 weeks support after the course on how to start and grow a successful therapy business.

Here’s What's Included In This Certified Hypnotherapy Training Package:



5 Days interactive hypnotherapy training with Honey Lansdowne at the beautiful Ardlington Hotel, in worthing, sussex. 


Certification & Professional Membership

A world-class online training portal, with lifetime access. A full, written manual, and 6 weeks full support to get your hypnotherapy business up and running.


Confidence & Competence

This is modern hypnosis training where you leave the classroom ready to start your business and help people straight away

Your Investment

You get everything in the "what's included" package above. To make it easier for you to get started, there are 3 ways you can pay:

In Full, £200 saving



Pay in Full

Pay Monthly



Pay in 3 monthly instalments

Pay Monthly



Pay in 6 monthly instalments

Special room rates have been agreed for students that wish to stay in the hotel for some or all nights for the duration of the training. 

Happy Hypnotherapists:

Elaine Mitchell

Elaine Mitchell Empowerment Coach

I loved the training and it enhanced the service I can offer my clients

Ellie Talibian

This hypnotherapy training has impacted me personally and professionally. I feel confident in the skills I have learnt. 

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone learn hypnosis?

I would say that most people can learn Hypnosis, it's a natural state we enter many times a day.

But to be a really good Hypnotherapist you need good communication skills, some creativity, compassion for others and to be able to act with the best intention for your client at all time. Most of these soft skills can be developed also.

And you need great Hypnosis training and you are in the right place for that!

What can hypnotherapy be used for?

Most people you meet when you say you are a Hypnotherapist will say, 'oh, can it help with x,y,z'. The answer is usually yes! All issues are created in the mind and so we solve them there too.

Most commonly you will help people with:



Weight Loss

Stop Smoking







I think I might need hypnosis

You are welcome to book in a free consultation with me and if required we can work together privately before the training starts to clear anything you are concerned about. 

During the course you will get to experience Hypnosis many times with me and your fellow trainees. I have found myself that after Hypnosis Trainings I feel extra good in every way. It's a highly positive environment focused on getting the best out of people. 

Will this help me start a successful Hypnotherapy business?

Yes! Honey Lansdowne runs a successful Hypnosis practice and has years of business experience coupled with a first class honours degree in marketing. Honey will advise you on setting up your business, attracting clients and you have 6 weeks post support access to ask anything you want in the private Facebook group. Your success is my success, we work as a team an I will encourage this philosophy in the training.

Does it matter if I don't live in the UK?

The wonderful thing about England is for a small country it is very well served by airports! The nearesst to Worthing is Gatwick, you can literally get off the plane, get on a train (from in the airport) and the Ardington Hotel is a 10 minute walk from Worthing train station. IF you prefer you can easily hire a car and get to the hotel within 40 minutes from Gatwick Airport (1.5 hours from Heathrow).

I have some other questions

Great! I love answering questions and helping people get the information they need. 

Please book in and let's chat and get those questions answered. 

Once you've signed up to the training you will enter a private Facebook group where you can ask away also!

Ready to become a hypnotherapist and help people?

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