Can anyone train to be a hypnotherapist?

Ellie Talebian trained to be a hypnotherapist at The Hypnotherapy Academy in 2020 with Honey Lansdowne. Here she talks about what to consider when asking yourself 'can anyone train to be a hypnotherapist?'

Train to be a hypnotherapist

So who might train to be a hypnotherapist you might wonder? 

The answer is anyone from any walk of this. Hypnotherapy does not ask for academic excellence (although you can certainly feast on information about hypnotherapy!). 

Training to be a hypnotherapist has no formal training route. Some of the best hypnotherapists taught themselves! Much like an amazing pianist, for some people it's an intuition, a gift or a calling. I don't think Mozart was formally trained.

Some people want to be hypnotherapists to do stage shows. Some want to learn new skills or have always been fascinated by hypnosis but most people want to train to be a hypnotherapist to help people. 

Many people that train in hypnosis have had a life changing hypnotic experience themselves and they see its power and want to learn how to do it. 

Hypnosis is one size fits all

Hypnosis can be used to help with anxiety, depression, weight loss, stop smoking, phobias, addiction, childbirth, trauma and practically anything else. 

Some people that train to be hypnotherapist have grown up with or around one of these issues and want to make a difference in the world by preventing this situation for others or understanding the issues more deeply themselves. Being a hypnotherapist satisfies both needs.

Other people who train to be hypnotherapists already offer other services to help with the issues above but want to go deeper with their clients and know that hypnosis is the answer.

Before you train to be a hypnotherapist, consider these points.

Are you open minded? 

Can you provide a supportive non judgemental service where you trust the client to use the power of their own mind to make positive changes? 

Would you like to work hours that work around your life? 

Are you prepared to market your business so that you can be found by the people that need your help? 

Are you a passive or action learner? Hypnosis is a talking and active therapy so you need to be ready to get engaged 

Do you regularly do personal pevelopment on yourself?  

Do you like the idea of learning something new every day? 

What to check when you train to be a hynotherapist 

Hypnosis is a topic of endless fascinating for most people. Many newly trained hypnotherapists lack confidence in seeing their first client because it can feel scary. Someone you've never met before is sitting before you waiting for you to help them! 

If you are considering training to be a hypnotherapist, make sure you train with someone who knows hypnosis inside out and provides lots of training on your course. You want to be able to leave the course knowing you can see a client the next day. That's how you will be trained at The Hypnotherapy Academy. No stone is left unturned when it comes to making sure you get it and can do it. 

Can you train to be a hypnotherapist? 

About the author

Train to be a hypnotherapist

Ellie Talebian

Hypnotherapist and mental health leader

Ellie is based in Brighton and is passionate about mental health in the music industry.

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