Honey Lansdowne Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Trainer

UK based serving clients worldwide online. 

Hello, I’m Honey Lansdowne

I did my first emotional intelligence course in 1999! I've been in the field of personal development ever since.

I'm qualified in:

Business Management BA hons

High performance coaching

Interviewing skills




Rapid Transformational Therapy


Mental health 




Working with children

The common denominator in my work is always helping people to feel and be better and bringing out the best of themselves.

I see clients worldwide online and also in private practice in West Sussex, UK. My specialism is helping women overcome anxiety, depression and negative thinking through self-discovery. 

This is different to treating symptoms or even causes. It is all of that, but with a true depth of personal development which builds confidence, resilience and happiness.

Once a year I train other people to be amazing hypnotherapists.

I can speak about mental health, women's confidence, self-care, resilience, finding joy, mindset, self-love, self acceptance, self doubt, self-esteem, overcoming negative thoughts and feelings and social anxiety.

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Honey Lansdowne Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy TrainerUK based serving clients worldwide online. Hello, I’m

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