Hypnotherapy training in Worthing

Hi I'm Hannah and I completed my hypnotherapy training in Worthing and became a certified hypnotherapist with Honey in 2020. I really enjoyed the course, it was fantastic and an excellent way to learn.

Certified Hypnotherapist With The Hypnotherapy Academy

Why I chose to do my hypnotherapy training in Worthing

Despite restrictions during Covid 19, we were able to do the hypnotherapy training in Worthing which I ws glad about as I wanted to do my hypnotherapy training in person, rather than online. And I live local to Worthing and so it was an easy journey to the training and nice to see the sea on my way to and from the training each day.

The location of the training was perfect. At the Ardington Hotel in Worthing, next to the sea, a nice big room and lovely hot drinks brought to our hypnotherapy training room!

It was amazing and I saw training in hypnotherapy in Worthing as a fantastic opportunity and it was something that I really wanted to do. I wanted to train as a hypnotherapist for over a year when I had hypnotherapy myself. It was incredible.


Why I trained to be a hypnotherapist in Worthing

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was beyond what I expected. The feeling that I was left with was incredible and went through my everyday life. It was difficult to describe really to be honest to others, but it really made a big difference to how I thought and felt about certain things. It had such a profound effect on my everyday world.

I knew that I needed to train as a hypnotherapist so I could get these skills and use them to help others.

Why I wanted to do hypnotherapy training

My career has always been around supporting and helping others. And for me, doing this hypnotherapy training was another amazing tool. Hypnotherapy is one of the best tools I’ve found personally and I believe it really helps others.

Hypnotherapy helps people who want change in their lives, in any area where they want a change or to change how experiences in the past feel in the present. This is an amazing way to do that, by giving the client control of their own thoughts and actions. People also find themselves in a very relaxed state of mind. In hypnosis, you're always in control and even though you're very relaxed, it's not the sort of preconceptions that you might see on TV or think of it.

My thoughts on what is hypnosis?

Some people do expect hypnotherapy to be like what they have seen on the TV and it's absolutely is actually far more amazing than that. The impact that it has on people's lives is incredible. For anyone who's thinking about training in hypnotherapy in Worthing with Honey Lansdowne, I would 100% recommend it.

If you're looking for change of any description really, or you know you just want to feel better. I think, especially now, people are very much looking at themselves, their lives and their levels of happiness and life satisfaction.

Life is short and people are open to the idea of  taking care of themselves because sometimes, we don't do enough of that. And hypnotherapy is an incredible way. It’s a healing journey, amongst many other things.

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Certified Hypnotherapist With The Hypnotherapy Academy



Hannah Gourlay is a professional in social care and certified hypnotherapists. She is passionate about helping individuals clear mental health issues that stop them connecting with their family. She cares deeply for children that need a bit of extra support. Contact Hannah via Facebook.

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