Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner mentoring programme

Whether you are a newly qualified or experienced hypnotherapist, if you have done your training to help others in a professional sense, you probably want to start or grow your business.

Sadly, it can be the case that the business aspects of running a therapy business are unestimated or not realised by many. Unless you already have business and marketing skills, you may not have a clue what to do! 

That's where I come in...

90 day business transformation for hypnotherapists.

Although I've been in the world of personal development, NLP and hypnosis for a long time, my degree is actually in business & marketing.

Now I combine everything and offer a 90 day business transformation offer which means we work together on a one to one basis for 90 days to drive your business forward. Imagine having client demand and helping more people and being properly rewarded for it.

No more: 

  • Looking around your area and seeing how much others charge for 'similar' services, that's not always the best approach.
  • Spending time scrolling other therapists social media content and wishing it was yours.
  • No more wasted online courses that might not even know how to log into, it's been so long since you used them and you never really did any of the work anyway because it felt difficult on your own
  • No more fiddling about in canva for a weekend to get 1 like on your post

Get me on your team and you'll know what to do and how to do it!

Grow your business savvy, your marketing skills and your confidence all in one go.  

Your hypnotherapist mentoring programme with me will take you to new heights personally and professionaly. There are many potential emotional blocks and challenges in business. With the right support, you can really do everything much more easily!  

You also need to understand marketing and sales strategies so you can reach the people that need your services. You really can be the best therapist in the world, but no one will know about you or buy your services if they don't know you exist. 

Why you should have mentoring for your hypnotherapy business with Honey Lansdowne 

I have a first class honours degree in business and marketing.

I have 30 years business experience and 20 years coaching experience. 

I have a flourishing therapy coaching business and also a training company.

I have coaching and therapy skills and experience to help you through any mindset issues. 

I don't hold back on support and information, if I know it or have it and you need it, I will share it. 

Your success is my success but more than that, my philosophy is that the more people succeed, the better the world we live in. 

When you increase the success of your business, you are helping others and that makes everyone happy.

I can help you shift any mindset block - known or unknown, grow your confidence to new levels and love your business.

If you get stuck with a client issue, I can help you with that too! 


What's included in your mentoring package with Honey Lansdowne 

This 3 month hypnotherapist mentoring programme includes: 

  • Five 1 hour online sessions (one strategy creation session, 3 working sessions, one closing measure of success and future planning session). Mindset work will play a big part in the journey, but solid business and marketing strategies are at the core.
  • 90 day business transformation journal
  • Unlimited text and email support throughout your programme
  • Ideal for new businesses that want to generate income as quickly as possible or establised businesses that have become stuck or stagnant and business that are ticking over but want more growth and better connection with their customers and prospects.  
  • 20% discount on a new website if you need one
  • 20% discount on any training courses you book while in your 90 programme 
  • 20% off any social media package if you book while in your 90 programme 

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