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Martin Castor The Hypno Academy

The hypnotherapy certification offered here at The Hypnotherapy Academy is issued by The Hypno Academy.

The Hypno Academy a leading international hypnosis school authorised to certified others as hypnotherapists. The level of accreditation that the Hypno Academy holds is testiment to it's excellence. 

Martin Castor Peterson is the owner of The Hypno Academy and the creator of many of the most modern and most advanced techniques on the market so that you can be ahead of the competition and successful from the very beginning.

Honey Lansdowne trained to be an accredited international trainer for Martin Castor in 2019. This means she trains others in the latest effective hypnosis technqiues created by Martin Castor. The people that Honey trains become certified hypnotherapists and members of ISAHt ( International Society Of Advanced Hypnotherapists).

The Hypno Academy has some powerful headlines.... 

They've received 6 international prizes and awards for their courses 

They are represented on 3 international hypnosis boards which demonstrates their dedicating and excellence in the industy

They teach in 18 countries 

Martin Castor has performed, spoken and trained for the past 8 years at key conventions 

The Hypno Academy has offices in USA, Denmark and Holland

They are the market leader of master training in Europe 

They combine solid understanding of hypnosis and NLP with an up to date finger on the pulse of brain and body science  

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