Why would someone want to train as a hypnotherapist?

Have you thought about becoming a hypnotherapist? Have you wondered why would someone want to be hypnotherapist?  Who they help? And you may have even wondered if hypnotherapy actually works, especially if you've never experienced it yourself.

In this article, Women's Empowerment Coach, Elaine Mitchell, explains why she trained to be a hypnotherapist with The Hypnotherapy Academy...

Elaine Mitchell Empowerment Coach Trained At The Hypnotherapy Academy

What piqued my interest in hypnosis?

I think I've always always been interested in in alternative therapy,  things that are a little bit wild and wacky and not the norm that we would expect in in our Western culture. But I really got invested in hypnotherapy and met Honey over the internet and have followed her work I like the ease that Honey presents hypnotherapy. And when I saw the opportunity of training with Honey becoming a fully fledged qualified hypnotherapist myself, I jumped at it.
 I've had hypnotherapy before I used to be hypnotised A long time ago when I was in my 20s to help me through infertility to help me through stress, anxiety, and lots of things. I had a lot of mental health problems that stemmed from from being involved in an incident with my whole family being assaulted. And also the infertility side of things. They all sort of came around the same time and I used hypnotherapy to help me to make sense of it and to put a lot of it to bed, to deal with it and to be able to move forward. So I've always had that interest in hypnotherapy. And I've always known the power of it, always appreciated and known the power of it. I guess I was just waiting for the right moment and the right person to help me to train.

What is hypnosis? 

To me, Hypnosis is a unravelling conversation. It's, it's a way that a client can go within themselves to understand themselves to discover so much more about them.  I liken it to the ocean of the world. The oceans of the world are absolutely massive, there are loads of undiscovered areas of the oceans of the world and undiscovered species. There's one part of the ocean that has no idea that another part of the ocean exists. And it gives us the opportunity to go discovering in the ocean of ourselves, it gives us the opportunity to discover unchartered territories of our thoughts of our emotions, of our feelings of our beliefs, of how we actually what makes us tick. It is a fabulous, fabulous state of relaxation. So I normally say to clients, after hypnosis you've actually changed the problem, the issue, the undiscovered territory, that  you needed to clear that needed to be sorted out.  Hypnosis is your personal magic power and I'm just a facilitator. I just helped you to get there to to use your magic to work wonders and make a change, life changing changes in your life.

What made me make the decision to train to be a hypnotherapist?

I was on Honey's mailing list and followed Honey for quite a while I love how Honey presents things and speaks, I totally can relate to her to her vibe. She sent a couple of emails saying I'm doing hypnotherapy training, really excited about it. And I was like, Oh, you're going to be amazing at it Honey, I can't wait to see how it goes.

And the seed was planted. And then you know, well the seed bagan sprouting with ideas. How I could combine hypnotherapy with my coaching and the amazing ways I could use hypntherapy with my clients. Yeah, the the seed was planted for me to become a hypnotherapist and to train with Honey. So that's what I did. I travelled down to Worthing from Sheffield South Yorkshire to train for a full week and it was absolutely amazing.

I'm so glad I did the hypnotherapy training

I was already an accomplished coach when I took this hypnotherapy training. But now, being able to work with the unconcious mind, I am seeing how helpful this is to my clients. The unconcious unlocks deep and lasting chnge that other techniques sometimes just can't reach.

About the author

Elaine Mitchell Empowerment Coach Trained At The Hypnotherapy Academy

Elaine Mitchell

Women's empowerment coach

I’m Elaine Mitchell, Empowerment Life Coach and Speaker based in Sheffield. I am available for one to one coaching, training workshops, presentations and keynote speaking.

I help people, take back their lives by helping them to identify and ultimately get rid of the self-limiting beliefs which prevent them from having the career and life they deserve.

I have been described as a fusion of Yorkshire common sense and plain speaking topped off with a dollop of ethereal spirituality!  I’ll help you work on YOUR story, develop your passions and live the life you were meant to lead, one where you are at ease with yourself, your relationships, your job or career and the world in general.

If you want one to one sessions, a presentation at your place of work or networking event or are hosting a workshop or event that needs a speaker, I would love to hear from you. Pick up the phone or drop me an email and let’s start talking.

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PS. My book ‘Seven Steps to Self-Empowerment’ is available from myself or via Amazon.

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